Installation Services of Our Custom Designed and Fabricated Iron Work

We offer installation services for all metal items that we custom design and fabricate.  Installation can include welding a new section of iron fence panel for a welding repair or drilling holes into concrete or brick to fasten a handrail or railing.  We can also install faux balconies, window grills and flower boxes at heights less than 40 feet.

All metal outdoor structures that we fabricate and install are also painted by us.  We specialize in fence painting and properly prepare all metal surfaces with industrial grade rust inhibiting primer and an alkyd rust inhibiting topcoat that will ensure the metal will be protected from corrosion for years to come.

Safe and Secure Fastening

A metal structure that is fastened to wood is not secure if the surrounding wood has decayed.  Prior to installing a metal structure to wood, we will inspect the quality of the wood.  Replacing siding, decking or stair treads are all tasks that we do as part of our carpentry repair services.  We will make sure that railing and handrails are safe and secure to prevent a falling accident.  We will also make sure that a faux balcony is secure so that it prevents a child from detaching it or that it could fall off and hit someone or something below.

Fastening a metal fence post to a concrete slab can be done a couple different ways.  If the post design has a base flange, pilot holes will marked and drilled. Once the post is place over the holes, large diameter tapcon anchor bolts will be tightened into the holes.  The bolts cut their own threads into the concrete as they are tightened and will be securely fastened.  

Another scenario requires a core to be removed from the concrete that is wider than the post.  Next, the metal post is inserted into the hole.  and  anchoring cement is added to fill around the post inside the core.  This cement will expand as it cures and firmly secures the post into the concrete slab or wall.  This method can be used when we have a welding repair where the base of the old post has corroded at the ground level where it had been previously anchored into the concrete.  The fence post will be cut and a new extension will be welded on before reinstallation.  However, if the integrity of the concrete structure is not sound we are unable to install until the problem is resolved with a professional masonry contractor.