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Frequently Asked Questions About Interior Painting

Certainly interior painting can be an inconvenience.  For example, wall painting involves taking down framed photos and art.  In addition, both wall and trim painting require moving furniture away from the walls.  Furthermore, ceiling painting can involve the use of larger ladders brought into your home.  Finally, you wait for the dust to settle, paint to dry and any fumes to dissipate.

How Long Will It Take To Finish?

As a result, one of the most common questions homeowners have is how long will it take to finish the painting project. For this reason Swell Contractors understands that it is important to clearly communicate the entire process with the customer and set reasonable expectations.  Above all, the most important factors we consider are safety, adequate preparation, quality painting and proper cleanup. 

How Do You Prevent Paint Spills?

Similarly, customers often ask about how their floors and furniture will be protected?  Our interior painting process always begins with adequate preparation.  We always use plastic to drape over all furniture and install canvas drop cloths to protect the floors in each room we are painting in.  Likewise, we designate an area for all paint, tools and supplies needed for the project and place everything on a drop cloth.  We also wear covers over our shoes inside your home.  When any of our crew members climb a ladder they always use a painters hook to ensure that the can will not tip or fall over.

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