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How Often Do You Need Exterior Painting For Your House?

To clarify, you should plan an exterior painting project for your house at least every 7 to 10 years.  For instance, just imagine what happens to the paint after 75,000 hours of beating sunlight, pouring rain, howling wind with dust and debris, and the occasional bird dropping.  While this may be true, having your house pressure washed annually can help the longevity of the paint. Specifically, a good wash will clean pollen and dirt to prevent it from forming a hard plaque on the surface of the paint.

In particular, siding and trim should be caulked at the seams.  Caulk is flexible and is designed to stretch with the siding and trim material.  However, over time it begins to break down and loose its elasticity, becomes hard and cracks.  As a result, moisture and insects can begin to enter the seams and cause damage to the siding and trim.

Besides the obvious maintenance factors that were just mentioned, there is also a style factor often referred to as curb appeal.  Curb appeal is important if you are planning to sell the home.  Granted, exterior painting will make your home look great.  At the same time, it will provide a nod of confidence to prospective buyers that the home has been properly maintained.  

Regardless, styles change at least every decade anyway.  Repainting your home gives you the opportunity to pick new colors if you so choose.  Ofcourse, when paint begins to fade, crack, bubble and chip away it is a sign that your house is long overdue for exterior painting.  Certainly, waiting a few extra years will give you more time to save on maintenance expenses.  However, this will ultimately result in more expenses due to the imminent carpentry repair issues that will arise.

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