Carpentry repairs

A picture of before and after a carpentry repair on exterior trim.

Small Carpentry Repairs

When we provide an estimate for exterior painting we look for obvious damage and decay on a home’s exterior.  However, some times this damage is not discovered until after we have pressure washed and begin scraping loose paint and caulking.  It is our policy to always notify the customer when decay is identified.

Common problems occur when gutters leak at the seam or are not cleaned and over flow onto fascia and soffit.  Window sills and window and door casing can become rotten if the home has not been painted for many years.  Our policy is to never paint over damaged wood.

Our Process

When damaged wood is discovered we will show the customer and explain what repairs are required.  If the problem is not structural and is a small repair we will provide an additional estimate to fix the damage.  At this point, the painting project will either be delayed or continue to focus on other areas of the home that are not damaged.

Larger structural damage must be repaired by a contractor that specializes in carpentry services.  The painting project must be suspended until repairs are completed.