Carpenter services

Why A Good Painter Is Also A Good Carpenter:

Many people start their search for a painter because they want to change the color of their home.  Often times, a homeowner will not know that they have rotten wood on their home until a painter starts scraping the surface to prep it for painting. In this scenario, an inexperienced or unethical painter may choose to keep this information from the customer and just paint over the top of it.

One explanation for why a painter may do this is because they don’t know how to do these carpenter services.  Perhaps they fear that the project will get dragged out while the home owner finds a carpenter to do the repair.  There may be a possibility that the carpenter will consume a large portion of the homeowner’s budget leaving the painter short.  

That is why it is important to find a painting company that is equipped, capable and willing to make these carpentry repairs.  A true professional painter will never paint over rotten wood or any substrate that is not properly prepped.  The high quality painter will stand behind their work with a warranty and guarantee to give the customer piece of mind.  For that reason, Swell Contractors has carpenter services that compliment our exterior painting and outdoor structure painting services.

A picture of before and after a carpentry repair on exterior trim.

Small Carpentry Repairs

When we provide an estimate for exterior painting we look for obvious damage and decay on a home’s exterior.  However, some times this damage is not discovered until after we have pressure washed and begin scraping loose paint and caulking.  It is our policy to always notify the customer when decay is identified.

Common problems occur when gutters leak at the seam or are not cleaned and over flow onto fascia and soffit.  Window sills and window and door casing can become rotten if the home has not been painted for many years.  Our policy is to never paint over damaged wood.

Our Process

When damaged wood is discovered we will show the customer and explain what repairs are required.  If the problem is not structural and is a small repair we will provide an additional estimate to fix the damage.  At this point, the painting project will either be delayed or continue to focus on other areas of the home that are not damaged.

Larger structural damage must be repaired by a contractor that specializes in carpentry services.  The painting project must be suspended until repairs are completed.