Cabinet Paint Services

A diagram showing the difference in cost for painting cabinets versus a major remodel.

Cost Of Kitchen Remodel

The cost of a major kitchen remodel can be very expensive.  It requires a complete removal of existing cabinets and countertops. If you make the investment in new custom cabinets you should also invest in a premium stone countertop like quartz or granite.

According to Bankrate, a minor kitchen remodel will cost on average just north of $20K but over 80% of this cost will be recouped with an increase in resale value. This figure includes the replacement of cabinet doors and hardware as well as new countertop.

However, simply changing the color of the cabinets can make a dramatic change on its own and is much more affordable.

Kitchen Designs

Cabinets are the primary design feature of any kitchen.  Modern kitchens are larger and more open than older traditional kitchens.  The design style of your kitchen should match the overall design style of your home. 

Popular Styles

  • Farmhouse
  • Cottage
  • Industrial
  • Modern
  • Classic
  • Transitional

Changing Trends

The style trends for cabinets regarding color, surface and hardware come and go. The cost of a major kitchen remodel can be very expensive and requires a complete removal of existing cabinets and countertop and the installation of new custom cabinets.

A picture of kitchen cabinets before and after being painted.

The Case For Painting Cabinets

Homes built thirty years ago typically had a classic style kitchen with stain colored cabinets in a gloss finish.  People that purchased these types of homes brand new are now transitioning to a retirement lifestyle.  Many seek to downsize rather than re-invest to maintain their larger homes.

Home buyers today are seeking a modern style kitchen similar to those in new homes.  Buyers of homes with outdated kitchens seek a large discount. The most important indicator of whether the kitchen is acceptable to the prospective buyer is the color of the cabinets.

A kitchen that has been prepared for cabinets to be painted.

Our Process

We use a detailed process to prepare cabinets to be painted. The quality of our work depends on the time and attention to detail that we spend on masking and preparing the wood surface. It is a multi-step process that cannot be rushed.

This may be a temporary inconvenience to the homeowner but we promise that the end result will be complete satisfaction and will improve the image of your kitchen.