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Are You Searching For Welder Near Me?

If you have metal structure on your property you must properly maintain them to avoid corrosion and damage.  If these metal structures contain poor quality welds, they may break due to defects made in the welding process.  In most cases they can be fixed with some minor welding repairs.  In other cases, you may require a new section to be fabricated by a welder.  Whether you need your metal structure repaired or you wish to alter its design, Swell Contractors is a one stop shop for welding and painting for all your metal outdoor structures.

certified welder

Swell Contractors employs AWS certified welding professionals who can design and fabricate a variety of metal structures for your home’s exterior.  

Whether you just need something fabricated  for a welding repair or you are starting from scratch and need a design, we do it all.  

We specialize in painting iron fences so you can be sure that the finished product is structurally sound and looks great.  

We also can install any metal structures that we design and fabricate..


custom fabricated iron fence and railings

Iron Fence

A wrought iron fence can give your home a luxurious look and clearly define the boundary of your yard.  The security of a fence allows you to keep children or pets inside and establish a barrier to entry.  A custom designed and fabricated wrought iron fence can transform the style of your home ranging from a classic regal look to something more sleek and modern.

Iron Gate

No wrought iron fence is complete without an iron gate at the entrance of a walkway or driveway.  The iron gate is an extension of the main entrance door of your home.  With a custom fabricated gate you can add any desired styling to demonstrate your personality and accent your home.  They also look great with other types of fences made of wood or other materials.

Iron Handrails

Iron handrails are the classic choice for brick or stone steps.  They are strong and secure and provide safety for anyone ascending or descending stairs on your property.  Custom fabricated iron handrails can be designed many different ways to match the style of your home and provide a rich accent to the entrance of your property.

Iron Railings

Iron railings are the perfect addition to a concrete stoop, porch or balcony.  Not only are they very safe and secure but they also add a luxurious look.  Custom fabricated railings can be made in many different design styles all built to code to ensure safety.


custom fabricated window accents

Window Grill

Windows that are positioned low to the floor and are elevated high above the ground outside can be a safety hazard to young children.  On the other hand, windows that are low to the ground outside may be safe from falling out but can also be easily accessed by a potential burglar.  A window grill gives you piece of mind for safety and security and can also add a stylish accent to your home.

Faux Balcony

The faux balcony provides safety for windows that are low to the floor and are elevated high above the ground.  They provide the stylish appearance of an actual balcony.  Unlike the window grill, the faux balcony provides an open view in the top half of the window.  The style of your faux balcony can be very ornamental and emulate old world European styles or it can be something more modern with a cleaner angular look.

Window Boxes

The window box is a stylish window accent that also provides the utility of holding plants or flowers.  The window box allows you to water your plants by simply opening your window.  You can also easily remove plants in case of inclement weather.  Styles of window boxes can range from ornamental old world to clean angular modern design.

Decorative Shutters

Decorative wrought iron shutters provide a unique accent to your windows.  They are completely different than the wooden louvered shutters or flat vinyl panel shutters that are most commonly used.  Decorative wrought iron shutters can be found in places like New Orleans where many homes have additional wrought iron features.  Styles can range from rustic to modern.