Welding Repair Scenarios

Need a welding repair?  A wrought iron fence, iron gate or handrail can become broken due to blunt force or corrosion caused by rust.  This problem can be as simple as a cosmetic issue due to a missing finial, cap or spear that has broken off due to excessive corrosion or a weak weld.  The problem becomes a much bigger issue when a gate can no longer can be opened or shut.  An even worse scenario is when there is a safety and security concern.  For example, if the enclosure of the fence becomes compromised, now your dog may escape your hard.  Another concern would be if  your handrail is no longer reliably stable and you or your family or guests fall from your stairs when it breaks free.

How To Fix A Wrought Iron Fence

Repairing an iron fence requires welding equipment and metal cutting tools.  The difficulty of the repair depends on the extent of the damage and the design of the fence.  If new fence panels need to be fabricated, then any ornamental pieces can be removed from the damage panels and welded onto the new panels.  In the event that original ornamental pieces are missing or damaged, a similar style accessory can be ordered and installed to achieve continuity of the design.

Does A Welder Paint Metal?

It may be uncommon for a painting contractor to also provide welder services.  Fence contractor or high volume welding fabrication shops have production systems that include painting new metal, but they don’t do repainting.  Sometimes, this new production painting is not done with the highest quality paint or the best painting techniques.

Swell Contractors is a high quality painting contractor that employs AWS certified welding professionals that are certified by the American Welding Society.  Allow us to repair your wrought iron fence, iron gate or handrails.  An added benefit is that we are also experts in painting metal fences.  This will ensure that your wrought iron fence, iron gate or handrails are safe and secure and look great for years to come!

On Site Welding Repairs