Maximize Your Outdoor Living With Fence Paint Services

A fence is a great investment for  your home and property. The best way to maintain that investment and add value to your home is to hire a professional painting contractor that specializes in fence painting services.

A picture of a fence before painting and after painting.

Paint Fences of Wood  

When homeowners install a fence in their yard it is either for security, privacy, aesthetics, or a combination of all of the above. Most residential fences made for privacy are made of wood. Wood is also used for aesthetics on picket fences and split rail farm fences. Metal fences come in wrought iron, aluminum, and steel. Wrought iron is commonly used for decorative ornate hand rails and to define an entrance.

If your fence is made of wood it will require maintenance. Wood fences require stain or paint to preserve the wood and protect moisture from rain and wind to enter the grain and cause rot and decay. The hot beating sun will also cause wood to warp and fade. Over time a wood fence will lose any aesthetic value it once had if not properly maintained.  You must paint fences made of wood.

Examples of rusty iron hand rails and paint peeling on iron gate.

Paint Fences of Metal

If your wrought iron fence is not maintained it will begin to rust. A metal fence that rusts will leave rust stains on concrete walkways as the rain washes it down your fence. If neglected long enough the stability of the fence will fail structurally as rust eats away at metal joints or posts. It is important to maintain the fence by painting it with a black oil based paint that adheres to metal. Aluminum fences don’t require as much maintenance. Wrought iron fence can be brushed with a metal brush to remove rust and old flaking paint prior to painting. You must paint fences made of metal to avoid corrosion.

Surface Preparation Is Key

If a fence has not been properly maintained, it will require additional labor to properly prepare the surface for a new protective coating.  When you paint fences it is important to first inspect the surface for decay or corrosion. If rust on a metal fence is left untreated, it will eventually eat through and cause the metal to break.  This will require a welding repair to be performed prior to painting.  If a wood fence is left to decay, it will first require a carpentry repair to replace the damage sections of the fence prior to painting.