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How Much To Paint A House? Payment Methods?

Ask a Painter Questions. One FAQ is: How Much To Paint A House?

So you have a painting project at your home. Maybe your spouse advises you not to DIY – do it yourself.  Then you do some research online for painters near me and read the reviews for residential painting contractors. You even ask a friend who recently hired an interior painter or exterior painter.  Next you call around to schedule a few painting estimates. Now you have finally narrowed it down to one painting company.  With all of this effort on your behalf you may be ready for the painting project to be over already. Now what comes next?

#1 Get It In Writing

When you select a residential painter who has given you an estimate it is important for both parties to have a paper trail.  You should receive your painting estimate in writing and should also provide your agreement to the terms of this estimate in writing.  The same is always true when you make a payment.  Be sure to get a receipt that explains exactly what you pay for.  

#2 Upfront payments

Some painters may require payment upfront to cover the cost of materials.  Other painters could have a line of credit with their paint supplier and pass this no money down flexibility to their customers.  It is important to know that you should never pay upfront for the actual painting services prior to inspecting the finished work.

#3 Be Available and Pay On Time

Ask your painter to give you a time that the project will be completed. Be sure to schedule that time to be available.  Walk through the job with the painter and ask questions about the details of the work that has been done.  If all is satisfactory for you then you should be able to make payment at that time. Remember that the painter must pay the crew and come out of pocket for the materials until you make payment. No one wants to hear that “the check is in the mail”.

#4 Cash Is King

While some people may feel uncomfortable or suspicious if a painting contractor asks for payment in cash but in reality it is not a problem. Protect yourself and ask for an invoice or receipt.  With a cash payment, a painter can save time to pay their crew rather than make an extra trip to the bank and wait for a check to clear.  And yes, credit/debit card payments may be instant but they do cost the painter money per transaction.  Often times the painter will incur a setup fee and equipment charges from the merchant services provider that enables card transactions as well.

#5 Build A Relationship With Your Painter

Show your appreciation and give a tip if the crew went above and beyond. At the very least be sure to give an online testimonial or send a referral.  Build a relationship with a good painting contractor and you will save time and money. The next time you have a painting project you will know who to call and what to expect.  A painting contractor might turn down future projects if they felt like their work was not appreciated or if there were any issues with collecting the payment.

Understand What You Are Paying For

You can search online for the average cost to paint your home exterior or an interior room. However, the fact is that price depends on many factors and every job is different. You can justify the cost when the job is done correctly. The average pay rate of a painter is about $18 per hour.

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

Painters typically work as an apprentice for 3 or more years to learn the trade. Painting contractors must hire a crew of painters and invest in tools and equipment and have other overhead expenses. So why should you build a relationship with a painting contractor you ask? Because when you do, the painting contractor can pass along some of their savings from marketing their business to generate new leads in the form of discounts and bonuses. Simply give your testimonial, send referrals and call them again for any new painting projects. It truly is a win-win situation.

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