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Professional Painters and the Rookie Mistake

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The biggest painting mistake is made when wall surfaces are not prepared correctly.  For example, drywall repairs are needed when nails pop out or when seams crack open.  If these problems are not fixed correctly, any attempt to paint the wall will be unsuccessful.

About Drywall

Certainly, drywall repair can be challenging for a novice. In fact, most modern homes have interior walls and ceilings that are made of it. Drywall is a building material called gypsum board. To explain, it is made of calcium sulfate dehydrate applied between two sheets of paper.  Each sheet of drywall is 4 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

When installed, a sheet of drywall is held in place with screws or nails. Next, the seams are covered with paper and joint compound.  If installed correctly, the drywall will leave a smooth finish without the appearance of any seams or screws.  To clarify, this is known as a level 4 finish.

Once the drywall is finished, then primer and paint can be applied.  Of course, paint provides color to the surface but it also protects it from moisture.  Excessive moisture will soften the material which can lead to mold growth.  

When Drywall Repair Is Needed

Over time it is possible for drywall to become damaged.  The frame of the house can settle and cause the drywall to split open at the seam or crack.  Excess moisture and an improper tape application may all cause the seams to crack open.  Nails pop through as well.

Painting Errors

One common mistake I find with drywall repair is a bulging seam or thick patch on the surface of the wall.  Typically, people purchase a pint size plastic container of ready-made wall compound and a 2 inch putty knife at their local hardware store.  Next, they apply the compound too thick and it dries too fast.  

How To Fix Drywall Errors

It takes a trained hand to master the art of spackling. A quality painting contractor specializes in fixing drywall imperfections on walls and ceilings.  Don’t settle for imperfections that draw the eye away from your nice furniture and décor. 

When drywall repairs are done incorrectly and painted over they must be scraped clean and cut out.  Next, new drywall compound is applied and seams are taped and mudded.  It could take multiple coats followed by light sanding to fix the problem.  In extreme cases it could require the removal of sections and replacing with new drywall.  These repairs can be avoided if they are fixed correctly the first time.