Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space In Style!

Our deck paint services help protect your deck from the elements and add a stylish accent to your home.  Having a deck on your home can be very enjoyable as it allows you to expand your living space to the outdoors. Your can spend countless hours enjoying a cookout or bbq meal with family and friends or perhaps even a peaceful breakfast with the sound of birds chirping nearby.  If your deck is not maintained it will cease to be an enjoyment and even worse can become a safety hazard.

Deck not maintained and then refinished.

Deck Maintenance

If a deck goes without maintenance it can become a hazard place that you will not get to enjoy. Wasps and hornets like to make nests under the deck rail. Rain and wind will breakdown old stain over time and penetrate the wood and begin to cause rot and decay. Hot beating sun will warp boards and cause nails to pop up on deck boards and steps causing a safety hazard. Thick layers of pollen that cover a deck in the spring can become hardened grime if left over time to bake in the sun along with bird droppings.

Don’t let your deck become the neglected example described above. Be sure to pressure wash your deck and refinish with new stain as needed. As your deck ages you may need to refasten loose steps or balusters or even replace some deck boards. The last resort prior to replacing all of your deck boards may be to apply a product such as DeckOver that can fill deep cracks in the boards.

A diagram that explains the different parts and components of a deck.

Color Scheme Details

Traditional decks are stained in one solid color.  Applying more than one color is more labor intensive and more expensive.

(2) color combinations (A, B) include:
  • (A) Decking  (B) all remaining parts
  • (A) Decking, tread, riser, stringer (B) all remaining parts
  • (A) Top rail, ballusters, rail posts (B) all remaining parts
(3) color combinations (A, B) include:
  • (A) decking (B) top rail, ballusters, rail post caps (C) remaining parts